Dirt Rally 2 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth Panach Auriol Occelli


This is the livery of the 1988 Tour de Corse winning Ford Sierra RS Cosworth driven by Didier Auriol and co-driven by Bernard Occelli. 


Ford turned to the Sierra to replace the RS200 at the top level after the demise of Group B at the end of 1986 so required a production car that could be homologated under Group A. The Ford Sierra RS Cosworth was chosen for tarmac rallies along with it's 4wd counterpart the XR4x4 for the gravel rallies but the XR4x4 was too underpowered and couldn't compete with the other cars. So for the 1988 and 1989 season Ford focused on the RS Cosworth which was able to grab a number of podium finishes but without 4wd it never managed a win on the loose surface rallies. It may have had a hard time on the gravel and dirt against the likes of the Lancia's with their 4wd, but on tarmac it was a serious contender. In 1988 a young Didier Auriol at the wheel of the Sierra RS Cosworth was able to take Ford's first World Rally Championship event win since 1981, and Didier's first WRC win at his home rally of the Tour de Corse. Unfortunately it turned out to be the Sierra's only World Rally Championship win as this prestigious moment could not be repeated by any subsequent Sierra's before it was replaced by the Escort Cosworth.


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Dirt Rally 2 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth Panach Auriol Occelli

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