DiRT3 Enhanced Car Sounds


Enhanced car sounds in-game/replay for Player and Ai to replicate real-life rally atmosphere.

* Individually edited sounds of All Cars plus All DLC Cars to match their Real-Life counterparts as close as possible. (with stock codies sound files and available editable settings)
* Enhanced Player Car and AI volume of engine And exhaust.
* Balanced volume of Player Car and AI engine and exhaust.
* Realistic Directional Volume of Player Car and AI. (IE. when camera is facing front of car, engine sound is more pronounced rather than exhaust, vice versa)
* Sound Source of engine, exhaust, gearbox edited to match where they are originally emitting from.
* Exclusive Sounds for each camera. (bonnet, bumper, internal, chase, external cameras)
* Louder/softer Exhaust Detonations (dependent on car)
* Louder/softer Dump Valves/Waste-gate. (dependent on car)
* Louder/softer Gear-whines. (dependent on car)
* Slightly Louder/softer Turbo Hissing. (dependent on car)
* Balanced AI Cars volume to Match with Player Car.
* More AI cars can now be heard simultaneously in replay and in-game. (Maximum of 3 Ai cars Simultaneously at a time with the rest being loaded with a bit of a delay due to memory limitations)
* AI cars have Further listening distance. (e.g. when AI is further away from Player, Ai cars Fade-in and Fade-out can be heard at a longer distance and smoother when compared to stock)
* Realistic Sound Reflections.
* High Quality AI sound files included (Optional)
* Menu, frontend, car setup and loading screens Music and Car volume tweaked
* Frontend Menu Cars have more pronounced detonations
* Rain volume variable refined
* Thunder probability and volume revised
* RPM limiter sounds are more pronounced

DiRT3 Enhanced Car Sounds

Size77.7 MB