DiRT Rally Mod Manager


This is a simple mod manager for DiRT Rally. The intent is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to use.



What it does

  • Create a one-stop shop to install/uninstall all mods
  • Browse mod packages without going through files
  • Select which car livery to override
  • Backup original game files

New in 3.5

The app now supports packs. Sometimes modders include multiple versions of a livery inside a single package.

Now the app take that into consideration and lets the user choose which pack to install.

How to use

  • You only need to specify where your game is installed.
  • Supports both compressed files and folders for your mods.


  • You should start with a clean install, as the tool will first treat the mods as original.
  • You need .NET 4.6 run-time to make the app run.
  • Use as your own risk
  • All rights belong to their rightful owners.
  • Thanks to James Willock (ButchersBoy) for the nice MaterialDesign WPF implementation.


DiRT Rally Mod Manager

Size11.2 MB
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